BTA Protocol


Gamifying Blockchain Education...

BTA Protocol Road Map

Knowledge is Power

Anyone can learn Blockchain. Together we can change the world.

Stake To Claim NFTs

Stake BTAP to claim amazing rare crypto themed NFT's that unlock a wealth of crypto knowledge.

Access VIP Group

Hold BTAP to access VIP groups where you can access discounts to events and airdrops.

Passive Earnings

Earn 5% BTAP by simply staking your BTAP

Incentivized Learning

Test your blockchain knowledge, earn BTAP, and unlock your blockchain verified certification.

Positive Action

We are making a positive change selling our NFTs and donating the proceedings to charities.

BTA Protocol Road Map

We are using blockchain to make high quality education accessible using incentivized gamification for students and course creators.


April 2021 - Completion of BTAP NFT Staking Platform


May 2021 - VIP Group Access to BTAP holders.


Aug 2021 - Beginning of our coaching program


Sept 2021 - BTA Protocol London Event and NFT charity auction.


Get answers to our most commonly asked questions about BTA Protocol. Please check this guide before contacting us.

BTA Protocol is an ecosystem of products and services packaged as NFT’s that are used to incentivize learning and automate giving to charity.

Yes, BTAP is an ERC20 token. We will soon have a BSC Bridge to convert BTAP ERC20 to BTAP BEP.

The NFT’s are high quality animated artwork of well known individuals in the blockchain space. They are rare, unique, and give you access to LearnPacks full of valuable knowledge.

0x270371c58d9d775ed73971dd414656107384f235 and it is listed on Uniswap.

Yes. You can find full details here.


Our Knowledge Economy

Where sharing of knowledge is enabled and encouraged, and the key to access knowledge is simply ones determination to learn.

BTA Protocol Team

Our team includes blockchain developers, legal professionals, digital marketers, and educators in the blockchain space.


We are always interested to work with like-minding individuals and connect with other projects in the blockchain space.

BTAP Litepaper

We highly encourage you to read our litepaper to get a better understanding of what BTA Protocol is about.


Knowledge Bombs

Win rare crypto NFT collectables by staking BTAP. Collect them, trade them, or access the high quality crypto knowledge bombs within them.