We launched BTA Protocol in March 2021 with the intent to create amazing NFTs with real use case. We also wanted to change lives and we did. With every trade of BTAP, a percentage was collected by our charity wallet.


We created a set of amazing crypto themed NFTs with silver, gold and rainbow types, and our community have been busy staking their BTAP to claim the NFTs.

We are now working on V2 of BTAP with improved tokenomics and a new set of esports related NFT avatars that will be gamified and ready for the metaverse. Current holders of BTAP will get a 1:1 swap of BTAP2. Also, NFT holders and CVR20 holders will get the opportunity to join the seed community.

Stake BTAP and collect our V1 NFTs to collect or gain early access to V2.


We have several Blockchain coaches who have been developing a coaching program since the start of the project. From 2022, they will be running crypto education and networking events across the UK and beyond to raise awareness of our NFTs.


We were the first to use RFI tokenomics to collect for charity, and we actually did change lives. In Africa we renovated schools and provided villages with clean water. In Bangladesh we distributed food parcels and masks to those most in need during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We renovated schools in Africa.

Community Goal

A strong community is very important for any crypto project. We appreciate that our community had weakened due to some technical issues we ran into with the tokenomics. This is why we are going to have V2. Our goal is to build up an active community where members share valuable knowledge and work together to see the project succeed. Our target is to grow the community to 5000 members in 2022. Currently we stand at around 1500.


The total BTAP supply is 100,000,000

Token distribution:

  • 20% Presale
  • 8% Uniswap liquidity (Locked till March 2022)
  • 30% locked (will be burnt if not needed)
  • 10% Charity wallet.
  • 12% Staking DApps.
  • 20% Team ( Locked till BTAP 2.0)


We do not recommend purchasing BTAP tokens for speculative investment purposes. This is a community centric experimental project with education, opportunity and charity at heart. Our token is not expected to have any value other than what we create for in an open market by creating utility over time. We are focused on building utility and
believe that the utility will determine the market value.

Tokens do not entitle you to any equity in BTA Protocol or in any of its affiliated products or projects. Tokens are sold as digital assets, similar to downloadable software, digital music and the like.

We do not recommend that you purchase tokens unless you have prior experience with cryptographic tokens, blockchain-based software and distributed ledger technology and unless you have taken independent
professional advice.